FAA Biennial Flight Review

For those of you with FAA Licences, there is a requirement to have a flight review every two years. This can be done in your own aircraft or in ours. This is carried out by one of our FAA approved instructors and involves general handling to make sure that you have kept the good habits that you have learnt.

FAA Instrument Flight Proficiency Check

The FAA Instrument rating currency requirements are that You carry out every 6 months:

  • (i) At least six instrument approaches;
  • (ii) Holding procedures; and
  • (iii) Intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigation systems.

A person who does not meet the instrument experience requirements of the above within the prescribed time, or within 6 calendar months after the prescribed time, may not serve as pilot in command under IFR or in weather conditions less than the minimums prescribed for VFR until that person passes an instrument proficiency check consisting of a representative number of tasks required by the instrument rating practical test.

For all FAA enquiries please call Eddie our FAA Instructor on 07767 757 566